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Konsultasi 085721618434 (Indosat) PIN BB 56F10CDD Bpk Dadang Hermawan
Jl. Karang Layung Dalam No. 23
RT 06/RW 10
Bandung – Jawa Barat
Daerah Karang Setra/Hotel Karang Setra


Bisnis Pulsa Listrik Lewat HP

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Causes of fires are caused by electrical short circuit. For that there are some things that need to be noticed to prevent hazards caused by electrical short circuit wag.
Below we inform tips to prevent fire hazards due to electrical short circuit:
1. Entrust installation of home / building you are in the installer registered as a member AKLI (Electrical Contractors Association of Indonesia) and registered in PLN. Legally installers have a responsibility for security installations.
2. Do not stack plug or plugs too much power in one place because of the connection as it will continue to accumulate heat that can eventually lead to short circuit.
3. Do not use electrical material carelessly nonstandard although the price is cheap. But it has a certificate of Quality Supervision System (MSS) were labeled writing or,
4. If often broken fibers do not connect it with a wire that is not its function as each fuse has measured the ability to receive certain load.
5. Perform regular checks on the condition of the cable insulation wrapping, if there is insulation that peeled or been thinned so that immediate replacement. Replace the installation of home / building your overall minimum of five years. inspection and replacement work should be performed by installers and registered members AKLI PLN.
6. Use the appropriate cable type and size designation and current-carrying capacity.
7. In the event of fire caused by electrical short circuit due to safety Mini Circuit breaker (MCB) is not functioning properly, immediately turn off the electricity of the kWh meter. Do not flush with water when the source of the fire is still no electric current.
8. You also need to know that a short circuit or shorted is direct contact between the positive and negative wires are usually accompanied by sparks, and the sparks that triggered the fire. PLN has installed MCB integrated with OA Kast kWh and that serves as a barrier when the load exceeds the capacity of the power consumption as well as safety in case of short circuiting.
9. Avoid using illegal electricity as well as endanger the safety of life, the action was also classified as crimes criminalized.
So before anything untoward happens like fire accident happens to you, we should do precautions. Is not it better to prevent than cure!
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